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Since we are an essential business, we are open to help you with your car repairs and preventative maintenance services. Read about our COVID-19 "Controlled Contacts Plan" Below. We are offering you $10 off a service of $100 or more. Mention this COVID-19 discount at check-out. Expires May 31, 2020. 

a.You will drop off your cars and keys outside. We will also post instructions for you in our window with our phone number so you can call us to discuss the items you need repaired and provide us your contact information for employees to use to provide estimates, as usual. You will be provided Ziplock type baggies for keys (for disinfecting reasons) for your car keys. You will no longer enter the shop. We will provide you with instructions when you call to make an appointment. 
b.Your cars will be left in the parking lot and disinfected in the lot before they are brought into the shop. 
c.We also have one ozone machine to put inside your cars to enhance the protective measures. 
d.Car interiors will be disinfected before the car is returned to you. 
e.Please understand that car exteriors will not be hand-washed during this time. 
f. For the time being, you will pay for your car repairs with a credit card over the phone, unless Mark meets you in our parking lot to take your card. Debit card transactions are handled differently. 
g. We will temporarily be closed on Saturdays.